Most Easiest Way to Increase your Page Rank

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Basically I am a web developer. I build websites. But always trying to add something more with my profile. From the last 2 years SEO became a great concern for my development. Without Search Engine visibility all of my works are just useless. I found thousands of sites are appearing at the very first page of google search engine result page. I went through those sites and tried to discover what they had done with their sites. I dig their site structures, I have seen their linking and indexing in search engine pages. I did some extensive research and found myself in a position that might help you to increase your site’s page rank and search engine visibility in near future.

I will update this post on regular basis. So stay with me….

Tips 1:
Do you know that your website can get PR4 within just 3 months without having a single back link from other websites?

Just few months ago I got a SEO job. I got a brand new site from my client and my job is to increase the page rank of this website.

look at this site, it is now PR5, it achieved PR3 in tow months, PR4 in 4 months and PR5 in 7 months.

How this site got this incredible high page rank with in just 7 months, Without having any links from other websites? See the result from google back link status of It has only 15 back links and alls are from the own site. The site does not have 100 of dummy pages it has hardly 20-25 pages and it is real.

What is the secret of this site of its incredible page rank profile? The secret lies in its site structure. The way it linked with its internal pages.

The architecture of the site

All the pages of this site is dynamic but trick is I physically I created every pages in the root directory. Say the content of about us page is stored in the database, I created a database.php file in the root directory and the code inside this page can fetch data from the database. I did this job for every other pages. I can maintain a simple index.php file and can dynamically show all the pages on this single file. But instead of doing this I created every single file in the root directory. People may argue with it, like you can keep a single page instead of creating 15-20 pages, yes I too can do it, but fact is I have the proof, I have a result that shows me that this physical existence of pages got good page ranks in google.

The Linking

Say you typed the link in your browser and press enter. What you see? you will see the index page of the site, by default, this is the PR5 page. This page has 15 back links from is internal pages and those are indexed in google. In the navigation there are links like home, about us, projects…

Say your index.php and aboutus.php are kept in the root directory. in the aboutus.php you can keep the link of your index page as <a href=”index.php”>Home</a>, but instead of doing this I did a trick I define a variable in my config file

define(“ROOT”, “http://”.$_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’].”/”);

and I liked the pages like <a href=”<?php ROOT?>”>Home</a>

Both my linking will show you the same index page but both has different meanings.

View these 3 links,,, Does it looks different to you, all of these 3 links will show you the same page but to google these 3 links are totally different and only for this reason I bring that define ROOT thing in my config file and I got the result.

This is all about for today but I will update this post in a regular basis.

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