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  • How to manually copy emails with password from one server to another

    Login to your old cpanel account and go to the file manager. You have to go the the root folder of your old server. The folder before public_html. After going to the root folder you have to work with mainly 3 folders namely mail, etc and .cpanel. Go to the mail folder and you will […]

  • How to find spam mailing script location in whm cpanel

    If you want to locate the spam mailing script in your whm cpanel server you have run some ssh command. First you have to find out which script/file in your server is sending most of the abusing emails. grep cwd /var/log/exim_mainlog | grep -v /var/spool | awk -F”cwd=” ‘{print $2}’ | awk ‘{print $1}’ | […]

  • Clear mail queue by using SSH

    If you found your email queue is full with spam emails, first you have to find out which domain is sending the spam emails. Run the command below in your ssh terminal it will show you a list of domains along with emails it sent during a period, by showing this list your can easily […]

  • Cpanel whm brute force protection

    cpanel whm brute force

    Today I am going to discuss about a very common problem related to cpanel or whm panel. Hackers always try to get root access for your hosting and to get the passwords they run script that will try continuously with various random passwords. WHM panel has a built in feature to protect against brute force […]